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Web shop


The announcement from this years Nautic show in Zagreb finally turned to reality - our webshop www.Divestore.hr is on-line.

Over 2500 product from every diving activity, lots of brands, everything in one place!



2 more weeks until the doors of the 23rd Zagreb nautic show open (19-23/02/2014).

Regardless of the difficult situation in our country our presence will be stronger than ever. Expect very good discounts on diving equipment purchased/ordered during the show, new items from all our suppliers, a few new products from our in-house brand inWater (there will be something for every taste: apnea, spearfishing, scuba) and a big news (atleast for us).

See you in pavilion 11A, booth No. 36. Don't get confused by the strange new name :-)

Christmas discounts


On selected items we will apply an 20% discount, from today till the end of the year, in our shop for payments in cash, credit card and wire-transfer payments.

Items on sale are:
- Cressi Sub / Apeks / Salvi Mar bags,
- Cressi Sub and Salvi Mar knives,
- Cressi Sub, Salvi Mar and BrightStar torches,
- Cressi Sub watches and computers...

You can find the complete list of items on sale here. Most of those are already available in stock but we do expect some in the next 10 days.

Spearguns on sale


The feedback we got from our customers for this year's autumn sale of wetsuits is so good that we decided to sweeten the deal (at least for the spearfishing crowd) even more.

Here is the list of spearguns on sale:
- Cressi Sub, model Geronimo Elite 95, -15% discount (from 1.812,00 to 1.540,20 kn),
- Cressi Sub, model Geronimo Elite 105, -15% discount (from 1.890,00 to 1.606,50 kn),
- Salvi Mar, model Voodoo Rail Open 105, -20% discount (from 1.220,00 to <976,00 kn)
- Salvi Mar, model Voodoo Rail Open Pro 105, -20% discount (from 1.420,00 to 1.136,00 kn)

As usual - this offer applies to stock items. Those of you who are interested - hurry up!

2013 autumn sale


Like every year it is time for our usual autumn sale of Cressi Sub wetsuits and related neoprene products.

The complete list of items on sale (with their prices) can be found here.

IT problems


Because of some problems with our hosting from Thursday 29.08 till Sunday 01.09. our web site and mail server were off-line.

Today everything works again but we must ask anyone who sent us an e-mail during that time to re-send the e-mail.

22. NAUTIC SHOW in Zagreb


This year we will again be present at the Nautic show in Zagreb that will be held from the 13th till the 17th of Febbruary 2013.

We will have a boot (no. 43) in the hall number 11A with on display all that is new for 2013 - new products, a presentation of our in-house brand inWater and the new web shop.

As usual there will be special offers for all the items on display during the entire show.

Lines for everybody


There is one small detail, an almost 'insignificant' product that can make the difference between a well spent day at sea or a total catastrophy - the rope (or line). Gone is the time when divers had to use the same line (eventually in different thicknesses) for every use. Todays offering is vas, from the common floating polietilene (used to secure the float) thru the new generation of high-tech preimpregnated lines uzed to secure spears. There is a specific line for every use.

This year we decided to offer to our customer a vast collection of ropes and lines:

a) HT poliester (with poliester wrapping), diam 1.2 / 1.5 / 2.0 mm, in black, brown or white
b) Dyneema SK75 (with poliester wrapping), diam 1.3 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 mm, in white
c) 100% Dyneema SK75 (preimpregnated with poliurethane), diam 1.0 / 1.3 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 mm, in black or red
d) polietilene (floating), diam. 4.0 / 5.0 mm, in yellow or orange
e) PES elastic ('bungee'), diam. 3.0 / 4.0 mm, in white


All those lines are made in italy and have been available (up untill now) marketed by a number of diving / spearfishing brands. Since we bypassed all those extra steps in the supply chain we are able to offer those ropes for 25-30% less than their usual price.

All those lines will be available in 100, 150, 200 and 500 m rols (depending on the model and diam) or sold by the meter through our stores and business partners. During the Nautic Fair in Zagreb (13-17/02/2013) we will offer them with a special discount.